Vision and Mission

Our Ministry

“When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them” (Mt 9:36a). We, the   sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, accept this loving mission of Jesus for the people as our only model and wholeheartedly offer ourselves to the divine Lord and to His Church in a very special manner through Catechetical and Charitable apostolates.

Our mission can be understood in the following forms of Apostolic Activities

  1. Evangalization

Our sisters promote Christian and moral values among the poor without any discrimination. They provide respect to their culture and beliefs. The sisters do the Evangelization through various ways and guide the Christian community in the faith and belief of the Universal Church. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus spread the kingdom of God.

  1. Educational Activities:

One of the most important Mission of Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is Education. It is the weapon which has the power to change world.

We take care of the children regarding physical, intellectual and aesthetic aspect of development on semi orphan, and street children with free lodging, boarding, and health care and recreation facilities. We provide free education, food accommodation to the poor children from remote villages.

A.Home care Activities for the Children

Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus gives special attention to the orphan and Semi orphan children. It also gives attention to the children of  the poor and broken families. Our Home is the place of  shelter for the children, where they find safe and secured space to live in, with proper and all the basic facilities.

B.Work among the dropout, street Children, Gypsy and Irular community

The mission for the group of Nomads called Gypsy and Irular are one of the challenging missions undertaken by the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The people, who are considered to be vulnerable and neglected by the society are chosen by the sisters and take various steps to give them an identity in the society through Education and Awareness programs. The drop out children from the schools is again brought to the school by the motivation given by the sisters. The hope of a bright and enlightened community is awaited to rise up.

C.Higher Education

The sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus not only provide the school education but they also guide the support the poor and the marginalized young students to opt for higher studies which will create their bright life. The students are given scholarship and sponsorship facilities to study without any difficulty and to reach the goal of their lives. We have Sacred Heart Nursing college in Dindigul and Annai Scholastica Arts and Science college for women in Thangachimadam, Pamban Island, Ramanathapuram.

  1. Social Activities

A.Women empowering program

We have formed women groups in many villages in the various places of Tamil Nadu and North India and provide the awareness program on women empowering with the help of our voluntaries, who are working for women’s development. The program includes providing clothes and food to the women, who come for the programs.

B.Youth Program

Youth development programs seek to improve the lives of the children and adolescents, by meeting their basic physical, developmental, and social needs and by helping them to build the competencies needed to become successful adults.

Along with these, we provide opportunity for holistic development of youth including adolescents for realization of their fullest potential.

C.Support for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are brought together at the cluster level and offered counseling support for their health and family problems. We rescue them from the street and other places to our aged home.

D.Family Visit and Counseling

We give more important to family and community welfare activities especially for socially disadvantaged families, these include parents, surrogate parents, solo parents, who belong to the low-income group, families with problems in relationships, unemployed family heads and other needy adults.

 E.Social awareness program

          The sisters are creating social programs on environment and Psychological based social issues in the society.

They are:

  • Creating toxic waste and awareness on paper bag
  • Mental, Physical, Social, Health Awareness program
  • School Drop outs & Sex Education

 F.Disaster Relief Contribution:

With the Government lock down order and inadequate state provision for food distribution many families suffered without basic requirements. Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus played a major role in noticing and helping the families to come out of the tragedy of the lockdown and Pandemic Covid-19. 

G.Palliative Care Of Patients With Hiv/ Tuberculosis

The people from the hopeless situation of their lives due to the illness enter in to the door of hope and courage and reach a home of happiness and joyfulness, away from all the anxieties and fear of the dreadful disease by the selfless service of the sisters. The counseling with love, concern and care of the sisters to the sick person entirely changes the outlook of the person towards the sickness. The sisters follow up the patients and guides and supports the person to live his or her life with full of hope and confidence.

 H.Mercy Home, A home for the Physically and Mentally Challenged Children and Women

 The sisters commit themselves selflessly in the service of the inmates at the Homes in the aspect of developing the lives and giving a proper and safe shelter to these marginalized people. The sisters are striving a lot to provide a home atmosphere for the inmates of the homes.

I.Service to the Srilankan Refugees and Fisherman Communities.

Our sisters are involved in the mission of rehabilitation of the Refugees and fisherman communities in Thangachimadam, Pamban Islands and Rameswaram. The sisters work for the girl and women development in the area through many orientation programs and awareness programs. The Youth animation also gives a chain of the path of the development of the society, which creates the job opportunities for the younger generation of the poor and the marginalized communities. The children of the communities are motivated to the schools and colleges and to become a civilized and better citizens of the nation in the future.

3.Health care program

Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is concentrating more on health program in rural areas. Qualified nursing staff used to visit the rural and remote villages and educate them to aware of their health and hygiene.