Very Rev. Mother  Amutha Theos : 2015- till date

Rev. Sr. Amutha Theos

Rev. Sr. Amutha Theos, was chosen  to be  the 4th successor of Mother Scholastica, the Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the General Chapter held in the year December 2015. Mother Amutha Theos, was elected for the second time and to be the 5th successor of  Mother Scholastica, the foundress, to lead the Congregation in the foot path of the Lord Jesus Christ in Serving the Poor and the Marginalized on 3rd Dec 2021. Mother Scholastica places herself with simplicity and profound awareness at the helm of the Congregation and walking in the foot prints of Mother Scholastica, looks to the future with hope and trust. The living faith of  Rev. Mother Amutha Theos,  moved her to see the face of Christ in the poor, the sick, orphans and devoted to them her time and love. Animated by faith, she gave herself and was concerned about the expansion of the Charism of the Congregation to the whole world in the service of the poor and the Marginalized and opened the way for number of missions in various places in North India and in Italy.

By her faith, perseverance, determination and hard work, she opened new horizons for the Institution: Papal order for the Congregation, erection of the provinces, initiation of the beatification of our Foundress Mother Scholastica and many other new missions are the witnesses of her limitless audacity.

Her faith in the sisters, her missionary spirit and vision for the future led to the establishment of the three provinces of the Congregation: St Joseph Province in Azhagappapuram, Kanyakumari District, St. Fatima Annai Province in Trichy District and St. Margaret Province in Vellore District.  

For love of the Foundress, she insisted with all her strength to start on the process for the Cause of Beatification. She found in the Word of God, her light and strength to inspire the Congregation to seek a way to follow the foot prints of Mother Scholastica. At present the Congregation has 302 sisters, 76 missions in 27 dioceses in India and Italy.

In her sophistication, she is leading the Congregation with sensibly, clarity and firmness with the presence of the Holy Spirit. In this wonderful journey, the Congregation looks to the future with hope and trust.