Rt. Rev. Soundaraj SDB

The Most Rev. Bishop Soundaraj

The Seventh Director of the Congregation

The Most Rev. Bishop Soundaraj is guiding the Congregation at the moment as a loving father and helping us in numerous ways with his guidance and blessings to make our mission a fruitful one, even in remote mission areas like the diocese of Meerut and Varanasi. By his exceptional interest in the Congregation he helps our sisters to be formed and transformed in the image of Christ and to grow in our mission day by day especially for the abandoned. With all his busy schedule he has been always kind enough to take time for our sisters, in visiting them, guiding them, giving talks, spiritual conferences, etc. His ever-readiness to help our Congregation has opened a new era in the close co-operation between the Congregation and the Diocese in their vision and mission. He was the guide and support in the process of receiving the Pontifical Status of the Congregation.