Phase 4 (1997-2009)

Phase 4 (1997-2009)

On 03.12.1997, the second General chapter elected Sr. Thangapushpam as the next Superior General of the Congregation. Her untiring and selfless service made a great impact in the following years. The growth of the Congregation was faster than anyone can imagine and it was during her tenure the Congregation had the privilege of broadening its mission even towards the occidental world of the West. The great works which she rendered during her first six years got her re-elected for another consecutive term. Especially during her second term in office, she had to lead the Congregation through turbulent and testing times, but she silently succeeded in everything and moved forward in every mission of the Congregation with excellence and genuine care and interest for its members.

A new house was started in Pondicherry on 25.04.1998, on the invitation of the local ordinary, Most Rev. Michael Augustine, to look after the elderly priests staying in the Emmaus House there. In addition to this, some other work in the Archbishop’s House has been entrusted to us, all of which our sisters are doing to the satisfaction of all. This house has enabled five of our sisters to finish their B.Ed. studies. After finishing the contract we did not renew the contract and our sisters left the house in the month of April 2003.
From May 1998, the home for the handicapped at Narkarunai Nagar Rangapuram, was entrusted to our congregation.

A new convent was started in Muthuvedu village near the famous Kanchipuram city in the then Archdiocese of Chennai-Mylapore, but now in the new Chenglepet diocese, on 30. 05. 1998, on the invitation of the local ordinary, Most Rev. Aruldoss James, with the help of Fr. Cyril O.M.I. Here our sisters are doing their educational work well. In addition they help the people to grow in their faith life and to take part actively in the sacred liturgy. Through catechism they promote union with God. Through BCC, they work for the progress of individuals, communities and society in general.

A new convent was started in Sathampatti Parish in Trichy diocese, with the permission and blessings of the local Ordinary, Rt. Rev. Gabriel, and with the help of Fr. Soosai. Here our sisters are carrying on their work of education, health care and evangelization. They visit the homes of the people and cultivate good relationships with all. In addition to their pastoral concerns, our sisters help the children to improve in their studies too. Some seeds of gook vocations are already sprouting among them.

From 15.07.1998, our Nirmala High School for girls in Pathiavaram was raised to Higher Secondary School. A hostel and an orphanage buildings too were erected.

A new convent was started in the village of Kanankadu (Viluppuram Dt) in Pondy-Cuddalore Archdiocese, with the permission and blessings of the local ordinary Most Rev. Michael Augustine, on 25.05.1999, with the effort of Fr. Immanuel. Here, the faith level of the people was already good. After the arrival of our sisters, the standard of education also has gone up. The children made progress in folk and fine arts too. The liturgical and festive celebrations are conducted now in an active and meaningful way. Cultural programs with many competitions of speech, song etc are arranged for the children which all enjoy and congratulate. BCC have been started and are working well. The involvement of the people for common good is really great. As the education standard improved, the primary school there has now become a Middle School and may even become a High School in the future. Our sisters go to the substations also, visit people and prepare them for liturgical celebrations. They conduct special competitions on the Bible during the Bible week to spread the knowledge of the Word of God still more.

A new convent was started in Avvdaiyar Kovil that includes Manickavasagar Kovil in Tanjore diocese, on 02.06.1999, on the invitation of the local ordinary, Rt. Rev. Arockiasamy and with the help of Fr. Charles, for the purpose of doing education and evangelization work. Here already same progress has been made in education in general and in computer education in particular. The evangelization work is just picking up.
On 07.06. 1999 at Pandraveedu the Sacred Heart High School was started.

Our Generalate in Rangapuram, in Vellore diocese, did not have a separate Secretariat House of its own until 11.06.1999. Finally God willed to remedy this situation. So many people of good will contributed to the coming up of this new house. The former Genaral, Sr. selin Mary had laid the foundation for it on 11.02.1998, the anniversary day of the Erection of our Congregation. In the following year, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, God willed that our Bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Chinnappa would bless this House for us on 11. 06. 1999.

The land for this House was donated to us by the Diocese and many good people, even from abroad, have helped to build it. It was to serve as the Mother House for all the sisters of the Congregation to come together for evaluating our ministries, cultivating better relationships with one another and getting on-going formation through seminars etc. but at the moment, because of the lack of sufficient water supply in this place, we are not able to have such gatherings there: we are waiting for better times when God’s grace and the down-pour of rain would remedy the situation. This part was formerly called Shenganatham: but this has been re-named as Ithaya Nagar.

K.Udaiyanppatti is near Manapparai in Trichy diocese. Here on 26.06 1999 a new convent was started on the invitation of the local ordinary, Rt. Rev. Gabriel and with the help of the Parish Priest, Fr. Selvaraj, in order to improve the education level and the faith-life of the people. After the arrival of our sisters there, children have made progress in studied and in arts. The spiritual life of the people too has improved by the good relationships our sisters cultivated with them. They share in their joys and sorrows and prepare them well for liturgical and sacramental celebrations. The parish priests and others of good will are encouraging and helping our sisters there.

From July 1999 on, the management and responsibility of St. Xavier’s High School at Pattervilai has been entrusted to our Congregation. On 03.12.1999, 5.5 cents of land were bought for our Congregation in Golden George Nagar in Chennai and the foundation stone for our convent was blessed and laid there by Rev. Fr. Sebastian. On 12.05.2000, the Silver Jubilee of Srs . L. Mary, A. Alphonse and Little was celebrated with Holy Mass at Alagai.

A new house was started in Golden George Nagar under the protection of the Holy Trinity near Koyambedu in Chennai. Mylapore Archdiocese on 13.06.2000, on the invitation of the local ordinary, Most Rev. Aruldoss James and with the help of Fr Sebastian, for doing evangelization and general and technical education work there. As expected, after the arrival of our sisters, both education and handicrafts are flourishing. Our sisters visit the people in their homes and cultivate good relationships with all. The Christians in this area are generously helping our sisters and they in their turn help for their betterment by their good words.

A new convent was started in Arochia Matha Street, in Dindigul city in Trichy diocese, on the invitation of the then local Ordinary Rt. Rev. Gabriel, and with the help of Fr. Soosai, to do education, social work, health care, promotion of spiritual life and BCC. Now our sisters are engaged in these ministries: BCC have been started; children are improving in studies and in artistic talents too. Our sisters are cultivating good relationships with the people and share in their joys and sorrows.

Aruguvilai is a village near the place where St. Francis Xavier ministered in Kottar diocese. Here with the invitation of the local ordinary, Rt. Rev. Leon Dharmaraj and with the help of Fr. Dominic, a new convent was started on 26.05 2001 for evangelization and social work, for improving the education of the people, for preparing them well for liturgical worship etc. Here with the cooperation of the people, our sisters have set up BCC and women’s guilds to improve their living standard. They help the very poor to pursue their studies without any hitch: they conduct evening classes to promote their educational standard. To improve the spiritual life of the people there, our sisters spread the devotion to the Sacred Heart, promote the consecration of families to the Divine Heart and thus to make people accept Jesus as their King and to establish His Kingdom, encourage reading of book containing daily thoughts vitalizing our trust in Jesus, exhort people to recite their family rosary and inspire and train them to conduct prayer and worship by themselves. God and the parish priest are helping our sisters a lot in these ministries. The local people too contribute their time, energy, manual labour and donation to help us. By cultivating small-savings schemes, under the inspiration of our sisters, the people are now able to get government concessions and helps and are thus improving their economic condition. Besides they are given Leadership Training developing their various talents so that they can manage their responsibilities on their own.

In the village of Panavilai in Kottar diocese, people are living under the protection of the Redeemer of the World. Here, on the invitation of the local ordinary, Rt. Rev. Leon Dharmaraj, and with the help of the Parish Priest, Fr. Lucas and of the Parishioners, a new convent was started on 03. 06. 2001 for evangelization social and health-care. Our sisters are doing these works well. They are setting up BCC and guide them, teaching catechism, preparing the people for sacraments, cultivating good relationships with them by frequent visits to them and sharing in their joys and sorrows. Thus they are witnessing to God’s Kingdom there.

A new convent was started in the village of Rayappanpatti in Madurai Archdiocese, with the permission and blessings of the local ordinary, Most Rev. Arokiasamy. In order to meet the need of our trainees there, some 4.5 acres of land have been bought. Besides doing their education work well, our sisters visit the people, cultivate good relationships with them, share in their joys and sorrows. They take active part in the parish activities, teach catechism, conduct choir classes, do pastoral ministry in the substations of the parish, improve the standard of education by evening classes, and encourage the children to excel in fine arts too. Our sisters are indeed very much indebted to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart who work there and who help us in various ways.

A new convent was started in a very backward area of Oddanchathram in Trichy diocese on 21.04.2002. The parish priest Fr. John Peter, took great interest in getting this house started: the local ordinary, Rt. Rev. Antony Devota gave his permission and blessings. Here, our sisters are doing education work, trying to help of the children even by evening classes. To promote the spiritual life of the people, they teach them catechism and conduct prayer services for them. They find the task uphill but they doing it.

Our sisters were asked by the local ordinary of Pune diocese, Rt. Rev. Valerian D’Souza to do words of charity from the “Charity Home” in Pune for the handicapped and the mentally retarded. So, under the guidance of Fr. Felix SVD our sisters have begun to help these helpless children there from 30.06.2002. We are glad to see that, through their loving service, the people are discovering the tender love of the Sacred Heart on Jesus. But in the month of April 2006 our sisters left the house.

A new convent was started at Castes Franco Parish in San Miniato diocese in Italy on 26.08 2002. This parish has given the church many saints. The local ordinary, Rt. Rev. Eduardo Ricci gave his permission and blessings for it; and Fr. Vasco Migliarini helped us in this. Here our sisters are doing education and evangelization work; they are teaching catechism and preparing the people for liturgical services etc. The chairman, Mr. Marco Posarelli is a great support to them in all their ministries. We are glad to note that the parish priest and the people too are looking after our sisters with love and concern.

In the diocese of Vellore, on the invitation and blessings of the local ordinary Most Rev. Chinnappa, we opened a community at Thachampady on 25.05.2003, for doing educational, evangelization and social development ministries. Our sisters are doing their service effectively. We opened a boarding for poor children of the nearby villages to promote their education and to help them for the betterment of their lives. Helping the widows for their livelihood, encouraging the small saving scheme, through women forum helping them to get the Government facilities, women empowerment program, etc are some of our activities to develop this area.

Kamarajapuram is a small village near Pallavaram in the diocese of Chenglepet. On the invitation of the Local Ordinary we opened a community on 15.06.2003 for doing educational, medical, evangelization and social ministries. We started an English Medium School and it was upgraded till 10th standard. Most of the people are living on coolly works and by breaking stones. Hence we are giving education without any profit motive. People in the village are very happy about this. Otherwise their children cannot study in English Medium School in the commercial and competitive world.