Golden Saying

  1. I desire you to become a Saint.
  2. For the sake of God, even I forsake everything; it is nothing because God is everything for me.
  3. Our hard work and sacrifices should be offered to Jesus and for the conversion of sinners.
  4. Before we hear the sound of the birds, we must listen to the Word of God and sing His praises.
  5. Silence is the best way to be united with God.
  6. We should not show our likes and dislikes to others, but offer them to God.
  7. Do your work united with Jesus and Mary.
  8. The one who is humble will do, what the superiors say.
  9. Humility will not see sufferings and hardships.
  10. One should never use things as meant for him/her alone.
  11. Whatever we do, we must do with obedience.
  12. We must live a common life. Give the maximum to the poor.
  13. Whether people like us or hate us, we should remain the same.
  14. Our Goal, Thinking, and Desire must be to give Jesus to everyone.
  15. The word ‘Yes’ brought salvation to the humanity. With our wholehearted ‘Yes’, we dedicate ourselves to be the true spouse of Jesus.
  16. When you encounter multiple challenges, face them all with happiness.
  17. Leave your destiny to God. Put your trust on Him and He will do everything.
  18. Blessed are those, who are humble at heart, Jesus has promised His heavenly kingdom for them.
  19. When we talk to others about one another, forget their weakness and talk only about their goodness.
  20. When you are in a group of people, don’t talk about your education or status. Don’t do self appreciation in front of others. Be humble in expressing yourselves.
  21. Talk only, when our words benefits good to someone amongst us.
  22. The 7 blessings of a religious
  23. Being abased by others
  24. Being interrupted by others.
  25. Being condemned by the elders and superiors.
  26. Being rebuked by the elders and superiors.
  27. Being punished by the elders and superiors.
  28. Being forgotten by others.
  29. Being denied even the last most places in an assembly.
  30. To surrender ourselves entirely to the Will of God.
  31. We are not just a human being. But, we are a Christian, not only that, we are a religious, virgin, so, we are more responsible to become a saint. In brief, we are called to be a saint and only for this purpose, we are called to be a religious.
  32. We have come to live His Call by our words and life. To have Jesus Christ as our model, to be with Him in each and every moment, to proclaim the Good News and to chase out the evil spirit.
  33. During the days of our suffering, Jesus is closer to us.
  34. When you rise in the morning, thank the Lord, for adding one more day in our life, to live like a saint.
  35. We must rise up from our sins, as we rise up from our sleep.
  36. Put all your happiness and worries in the feet of the Lord and become a new creation every day.
  37. Without prayer, we can’t do any service. Prayer is very essential for the service that we do.
  38. Appreciate the successful and good work of others, and you will get back, what you gave.
  39. O! Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you.
  40. Sufferings and pains, during our sickness is the way for Holiness.
  41. During your sufferings, always have a smile in your face. This shows your spiritual maturity.
  42. Let the convent’s door be kept open always for the poor people, who come for a word of love from us.
  43. We can understand the Joy of being a religious, only when we feel and understand the pains and sufferings of the poor.
  44. Those, who are obedient even in small things, those who don’t feel sad during the times of corrections, those who do penance with humble and contrite heart, have the signs of becoming a saint.
  45. The word ‘Yes’ will do marvels in our life.
  46. Religious, by saying ‘Yes’ share in the mission of Jesus Christ, in sanctifying the souls and in the salvation of the world.
  47. Silence and calmness are powerful than anger. Patience is stronger than anxiety.
  48. If you see anyone is left alone and is in need of your help and consolation, immediately go and render your service of love through consoling words.
  49. In humility and simplicity, express your talents, when it is needed, let it be useful for others.
  50. If you are worried about yourselves, who will take care of these poor people, love them and respect their feelings.
  51. Our life is unique from others, because we are called to be His spouse and to bear witness for His love in the way of our life.
  52. Respect every one irrespective of their age and standard.
  53. Silence is the only source to attain the spiritual maturity.
  54. We are called to be another Christ. Let us give Him to everybody.
  55. The following are the main virtues for becoming “blessed”,
  56. Detachment from worldly things.
  57. Love to surrender ourselves to God.
  58. To bare the sufferings and pains, patiently for the sake of Jesus.
  59. To accept everything from God patiently.
  60. To accept everything as the Will of God.
  61. Be calm and polite, when we are criticized by others.
  62. The silence allows us to be away from unwanted worldly desires and unwanted thoughts.
  63. The way to be in peace with others:
  64. Be blind, when others do wrong, consider that, they are doing in the obedience of the superior.
  65. Be deaf, when others insult and humiliate you on the cost of doing well.
  66. Be dumb, and don’t give back answers, when others abject you.
  67. The most joyful and happiest moment in the life of a religious is
  68. When we are rejected and forgotten by others.
  69. When we are considered to be a useless and unworthy person.
  70. When we are not asked for any suggestions or advices and are not trusted by others.
  71. When we are appointed for a lower work.
  72. Five important steps to attain the Love of God:
  73. Detachment from everything.
  74. Be conscious to avoid even small mistakes.
  75. Humbly ask pardon in the times of being wrong.
  76. Follow the rules and regulations of the Congregation carefully and strictly.
  77. Managing our own business.
  78. We must not desire for any human appreciation for our work rather we must do everything for the glory of God.
  79. Will anything good come from Pattarivillai? Came!, for, I wish for my Jesus. I wandered without knowing the way. You are my way, truth and life, without you, from where shall I find my way? Hold my hand and lead me, my Lord.
  80. The sufferings and pain of my cough and suffocation in breathing is a sacrificial divine music offered to Praise and Thank the Lord.
  81. Without God’s knowledge, no evil will harm us.
  82. I offer all my sufferings for the salvation of the entire world and for all the souls in purgatory.
  83. The poor are the greatest wealth given by the Lord to me.
  84. Remember, that, we are created for heaven and we belong to heaven. So, let us always seek the heavenly things and leave the worldly things.
  85. The more we learn, the more humble we must become. The education without humility is not a true education.
  86. Anything that begins with the cross, ends with victory.
  87. It was God’s Will that, Jesus, being holy, became a man for the only reason to make us a saint.
  88. If we not listen to Jesus, to whom shall we listen? Will you listen to Jesus, my dear children?
  89. Your writings, your learning’s, your sleeping, your walking, your smiling, your playing, your thinking, your hard work, everything must be to become a saint. You must become a saint.
  90. Don’t forget that the greatest among all the degree, is the reward of becoming a saint.
  91. My dear children, we need only one thing, the eternal life. We are not created for this world, but we are created for eternal joy. So, as long as, we are in this world, let us do good to others and die as a holy soul.
  92. Don’t forget to visit the Eucharistic Lord, often in the chapel.
  93. If we want to know about Jesus, we should have to know about ourselves and search God within ourselves.
  94. To be a saint, do everything for the Glory of God. And learn to bare, all your suffering for the greater glory of God.
  95. Jesus was made naked in front of so many people, I am His servant, what is there, if they tell me to remove only my veil. (Mother Scholastica’s words, when she was asked to remove her veil).
  96. Those who, live in true obedience, will have no fear of death because God will not put them in to judgment.
  97. During the time of my death, I will hold Crucified Cross in one hand and vows deeds in my other hand. I will say to Jesus, My Lord, I am crucified with you on the cross, with the three nails of 3 vows. Help me to be like you, to surrender my entire being to be crucified on your cross. Here, I follow you, till the end of my life. Now, please take me to your heavenly Kingdom.
  98. Our thoughts and mind belongs to God. His Will belongs to us, when we live according to His Will.
  99. There is no greater and holy deeds in our life other than to fulfill the Will of God.
  100. Our nourishment and energy comes from God.
  101. The mind and heart of an obedient religious, is always dazzling and radiant.
  102. Wearing a ring, is a symbol of our dignity and wearing a veil is a sign of our virginity.
  103. Everything happens for good. And everything happens for the best. Everything happens as per God’s plan.
  104. Our desire to go after Him and love Him, is the sign of the cross, that we wear.
  105. A religious may be considered as useless or worthless, but she will be rewarded with the highest glory in the Kingdom of heaven.
  106. The more glorious we are in the divine matters, the more we acquire the wealth of Wisdom.
  107. Through the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, we build a wisdom footing with the Lord Jesus Christ and not with men.
  108. Don’t let your heart and mind worried about worthless things.
  109. A religious will experience a special reward in the eternal Kingdom. Their robes and crown will shine. They will sit near the throne of the Lord.
  110. The virgin sings sweet hymns unknown to others and will constantly praise the Lord. They will be immersed in the eternal banquet of the angels.
  111. By virtue of chastity, we become like the inhabitants of heaven. Just as the angels are united in fulfilling the Will of God, so we are united in the ministry of the Lord.
  112. Humility ignores humiliation, difficulty and sadness.
  113. Obedience helps us to direct our plans and decisions according to the Will of God.
  114. We need to understand that everything we do is solely seen by God.
  115. The troubles of our religious life are caused by the pursuit of our own Will.
  116. Obedience is a sacrifice. We will be rewarded abundantly, if we offer everything as a sacrifice to the Lord, through the virtue of obedience.
  117. Those who are truly obedient, will strive to obey the commands of the superiors.
  118. It is not a mistake to feel really disgusted at doing something. But, it is a mistake, when we fail to control that emotion.
  119. Since the superior is answerable to the Lord, we must humbly open our hearts to them and place our full trust in them.
  120. The sacrifice of obedience must be gladly offered to God.
  121. No matter where we are, what we do, what crucifixion comes, who holds us or forgets us, we must always maintain a balanced mind, even if others respect or insult us, or if others do not want us.
  122. We must not use the common things as our own belonging. We must not keep unnecessary things with us.
  123. Speak a word that brings joy and happiness to others.
  124. When we are alone in our room, we must observe three things in general: poverty, cleanliness and self control.
  125. If we do Penance with pain, then God will listen to our prayer. I believe, nobody can change God’s Will.
  126. We must spread the Kingdom of God through the way of love.
  127. If there is no suffering, there is no crown of glory.
  128. Everything is easy in front of our goal.
  129. The best way to be with the Lord is to be in silence.
  130. The showers of love should be constantly poured upon the children. Then the children will thrive in to a beautiful flower.
  131. Those who are patient will reach the sanctity of saintly hood.
  132. Our qualification must be the way to practice humility. Our qualification must become our virtue.
  133. When we share in others suffering, the Lord will share in our sufferings and comfort us.
  134. Whatever we do, we must do with the attitude of obedience.
  135. We must walk through the path of sincerity to overcome the sufferings, sorrows, and opposition that stand in the way of our ideal life.
  136. We are blessed, when we hear the Word of God and make it our life.
  137. As we grow older, it becomes more difficult to say, ‘Yes,’ to God’s Will; however, even in the face of impossibilities, we must be prepared to say, ‘Yes,’ to God’s Will.
  138. The vow is the promise given to God, to do good deed wholeheartedly in full determination without any compulsion
  139. Silence and peace within us help us to have control over our own ideas and plans, as well as to obey God’s Will.
  140. A religious should not posses anything for herself and hide anything from    the superior.
  141. We are to set aside  time available for personal prayer and unite with the Lord.
  142. The virtue of following God’s Word multiplies and doubles our devotion.
  143. Sainthood is emptying ourselves totally for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  144. We must not regard others as unworthy or inferior to us.
  145. We must be sincere to the rules and regulations. Doing this, we can attain
  146. Spreading rumors in vain can hinder your spiritual growth and reduce the    value of our self dignity.
  147. A religious’s speech should be brief and to the point.
  148. The religious are those who belong to the Lord rather than to themselves.
  149. Our life as a religious is unique; we are the one to bear witness for Jesus.
  150. A true religious preach the Gospel through the way of their life.
  151. We reflect Him, when we live our life with and for Him.
  152. Our vows is a covenant made with the Lord and no man can change or remove this covenant from us.
  153. We shall talk only about the things which are essential for our service and need.
  154. If the beggar arrives, don’t chase him out but help the beggars as much as
  155. Reducing the taste in food will enhance the inner life of the religious.
  156. Eat without complaining or grumbling, if the food lacks flavor or substance. We should be satisfied with the food chosen by our Heavenly Father and thank Him.
  157. The virginity can be realized only by the blessed ones.
  158. Silence and Prayer are essential for the religious life.
  159. The vows recommit the religious to a new life.
  160. Goodness of heart and mind are essentials for the religious life.
  161. Even small acts of obedience reap greater rewards.
  162. Sanctity is the path we have to reach; the vow is the way to reach the
  163. When you wake up, with devotional zeal, draw the sign of the cross, saying, “Praise the Lord”.
  164. Following Jesus Christ, we shall share in His Glory.
  165. We must search and do the works according to the Will of the Lord.
  166. Vow is the promise to Christ to be His spouse and to serve Him selflessly without any compulsion or force.
  167. We must live a life of poverty, out from comfortable and luxurious zone.
  168. We must be ready to offer our entire wealth to the poor.
  169. We must use the common things consciously.
  170. Let us love the children and try to be innocent like a child.
  171. The love, compassion, kindness, and mercy for the poor, the                          destitute and the children should be immeasurable.
  172. The Lord is with us as much as we love Him. The more we love others the  more God is with us.
  173. Believe in God. He never forsakes you.
  174. The Lord chose us to be his spouse. We came as a religious in obedience to           our Lord’s call.
  175. Let us heed the wisdom of the elders and live accordingly.
  176. Martyrs of Christ died only once for Christ, but a true religious dies for Christ every day.
  177. During your recreation time, prepare yourself by praying in your heart, “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you,” and then begin to speak.
  178. Never fail to do self examination every day.
  179. Always say “Thank You,” even if it is for a small favor.
  180. We must refrain from speaking against the love of others and from using any words that are unfit for religious dignity.
  181. Forgive and forget the mistakes of others.
  182. The depth of our holiness and spirituality can be found in our ability to tolerate pain during our illness.
  183. Collect some good books from the library, such as Catholic magazines and spiritual books, and cultivate the habit of reading books.
  184. The more educated we become, the more humble we must be.
  185. Reduce medication, eat a healthy diet, and live a disease-free life.
  186. Nobody, in my opinion, can change God’s Will.
  187. A little help in an accurate time and need, a comforting language, a loving word will be very rewarding.
  188. Remember that, those who are patient will attain the life of sanctity and bare everything patiently.
  189. We must always be concerned and cautious in order to meet the needs of others.
  190. We must spread the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus among the people.
  191. Let us be obedient even in smaller things.
  192. We shall realize that the corrections are the expressions of love. Never regret for being corrected.
  193. We must grow in humility and simplicity.
  194. We are going to share with Jesus in the time of redemption, if we make a     commitment to do His Will.
  195. Only Jesus lives in a religious.
  196. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing.
  197. Trust in God. Everything is for good.
  198. Patience will lead us to holiness. It is the way for sainthood.
  199. Our bodies crave rest and pleasures, but we must maintain a control over them through our duty and responsibility.
  200. Save the rules of the Congregation and the rules will save you.
  201. The sound of the bell is the voice of the Lord.
  202. Silence helps us to be connected with the divine.
  203. Everything is the work of the Lord.
  204. If she can become a saint, why can’t I?
  205. There is nothing without the Will of the Lord, let us bend ourselves to His
  206. May the Lord grant me wisdom and knowledge to help me save myself.
  207. We follow other virtues by the virtue of obedience.
  208. If we keep the vow of chastity, we will become an angel in the eyes of God and a saint in the eyes of the people.
  209. Physical development necessitates more love than food.
  210. Always be concerned about the poor and the marginalized, those who come to you seeking love, rather than yourself. Consider and assist them with dignity.
  211. Our Congregation should be the school of forming many saints.
  212. Be a human in this world and you will become an angel in the eternal life.
  213. If we work, there is no pain or temptation. We can overcome temptations through our work.
  214. There is no greater glory than fulfilling God’s Will in our lives.
  215. If we live humbly, God’s grace will surely abide in us.
  216. Only perseverance deserves the crown.
  217. To love those who cannot return back is the love which Jesus spoke about.
  218. The religious life is to break ourselves.
  219. Our prayers must bring life to others.
  220. Where ever we go, we must see Jesus.
  221. We proclaim the Gospel, when we speak the truth.
  222. The religious are the possession of the Lord because they have given themselves to the church as a divine offering.
  223. Let smile always creep on your face.
  224. The core of an obedient religious is much brighter. By obedience, we are united with the Lord.
  225. All the three vows are the three nails that crucify us on the cross of Christ. Let us say to Christ, behold we have come to follow you to the end. Now you lead us to your Kingdom.