Fr. Anthonymuthu

Rev. Fr. Anthonymuthu ( Later Bishop of Vellore)

The second Director of the Congregation (1967-1971)

After 15 years of great difficulties in Azhgappapuram Rev. Fr. Anthonymuthu (later Bishop of Vellore), parish priest of Kurusady, diocese of Kottar has been extremely kind to the sisters and took extra efforts to bring the Congregation to its next level with the blessings and permission of Rt. Rev. Angniswamy, bishop of Kottar. During his time, the sisters began their mission in the parish of Kurusady. Fr.Antonymuthu also registered our Pious Union as a society according to the Government law. During the period of Fr. Antonymuthu, the sisters felt a new ray of hope and vigour among all their tribulations and his great contribution remains in re-vitalizing the Congregation in its new vision and mission in the new fertile soil of Kottar Diocese.