Very Rev. Mother Scholastica Founder, SSHJ

Baptismal Name : S. Yesuvadial
Name in the convent: S. Scholastica
Date of birth: 15.10.1917
Father’s Name: Mr. Savarimuthu
Mother’s Name: Mrs. Savariyae
Brothers & sisters: 6 sisters (she is the fourth of 7 children)
Place of birth: Pattarivilai
Parish : Mankuzhi
Diocese: Kottar
Education: 1-3 standard in Thalakulam
4-6 standard in Neyyoor
4-6 classes in Neyyoor
7-8 classes in Mulagumoodu
9th class in Nagercoil
Teachers Training in Mulagumoodu
Entering the Convent:
Aspirant: 21.11.1936
Novitiate: 20.10.1939
First Profession: 21.11.1941
New Congregation
Founded in Azhagappapuram21.06.1952
First Profession in the New
: 08.09.1985
Final Profession: 21.06.1990
Service as a teacher: 1941-1946 in Palliyadi Primary School
: 1946-1950 in Mulagumoodu Teacher Training School
1953-1970 in Azhagappapuram as a Tamil teacher
Evangelization work in : Muzhagumoodu, Palliyadi, Ananthanpalam, Putteti, Kanimadam, Konam, etc.
Other missions : Caring the poor children with motherly love, Guiding the sister, Doing artistic handworks using simple objects
Golden Jubilee: 06.12.1991
Papal Recognition As a Religious order of the Diocesan Right :29.09.1992
Announced in: 1993
Motto : Faith in God
Favourite Bible Quotation : My soul magnifies the Lord
Communities she opened : 22
Born in the Heaven: 12.10.1993